A world in which the awareness that Cultural Heritage would be seen as “the identity of humanity”. It belongs to each of us because it is the testimony of our history, our evolution, our passage on earth. A world where art, its beauty, is respected, guarded and lived in a simple, immediate and comprehensible way.


Verderame aims to bring the beauty of art back to the daily life of everyone and promote the participation, enjoyment and sharing of the Cultural Heritage with every kind of public, without any socio-cultural distinction. It is a link between private individuals who want to invest in the safeguard and knowledge of our heritage and the “common goods” in need of support.

In order to do this, Verderame works as “Relationships’ Manager”.


Verderame creates and welcomes projects in the cultural chain and realizes them thanks to the donations of supporters. It takes care of all the stages of implementation, design, relations with the owners, the institutions and those who have the protection, to the obtaining of all the necessary permissions and in the full respect of the valid rules. For each project, it creates the team suitable for its realization in agreement and with the collaboration of the responsible institutional authorities.