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The activities of Verderame

Verderame promotes cultural activities and initiatives in the social field, organises training and dissemination activities, undertakes activities linked to experimentation, research and technological innovation, provides services and activities related to the diagnostics, conservation, restoration, enhancement and protection of the cultural heritage.

Verderame progetto cultura carries out projects for the restoration and preservation of artifacts, with specific attention to paintings and murals.

Each project is assigned to a specific team of highly qualified professionals. Through the research, study and continuing professional development of the team members, innovative solutions can be developed in the various stages of the restoration to ensure that the restorations do not deteriorate over time.

Particular attention will be paid to the choice of products and methodologies that are respectful of the work of art, of people and the environment, such as the use of laser cleaning, the application of steel frames equipped with automatic expansion springs (modern-day version of the frame Rigamonti), the mist lining technique: a cold lining system that uses the vacuum hot table, the use of retouching varnishes as the latest in restoration, and the adoption of low molecular weight resins for picture varnishes.

All the projects designed and carried out by Verderame aim at contributing to the enhancement of our cultural heritage by spreading knowledge about various aspects, from painting techniques, to diagnostic methodologies, to the different methods of conservation and restoration, arousing curiosity and interest, creating paths to fruition for a wide audience, with particular attention to disability.

Enhancement and wider fruition stem from the integration of the work of art into a broad socio-cultural context, the intersection that brings together all the different perspectives, disciplines, and creative activities that interact with the work of art and transform it into a complex and interdisciplinary cultural event.

In addition, enhancement activities extend to the surrounding territory and help to create added value for the project and the realities connected to it, whether it is of institutional, commercial or tourist nature. The purpose is to build a network of relationships that will guarantee the long-term enhancement of our cultural assets.

Verderame organises guided tours with the objective to help spread knowledge of our cultural heritage.

Targeting any type of audience, both Italian and foreign, these visits offer off-the-beaten-track destinations and select unique and sought-after walks and places that are little known or usually closed to the public. The intent is to enable the visitor to explore and enjoy the artistic and cultural history of the city, rather than dwelling only on the best-known monuments.

Of course, in line with Verderame’s primary interest, there is no shortage of guided visits to the main restoration sites.

Verderame wants to bring its experience to young people who want to construct their career in cultural heritage sector, with a particular attention on tradition but also on new technologies, trying a union between ancient and modern and especially between theory and practice.

Our maxim would be “to learn doing” through the elaboration of workshops inside museums or in partnership with the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and universities.

After years of experience we are aware that surplus value of a global education is losing itself in the educational details; instead, working on cultural heritage means know more dialogues and have a multidisciplinary education to allow to work better between the different careers.

Completed projects

An idea, a concept, as long as it remains an idea, is just an abstraction; if I could eat an idea, I would have made my revolution [Giorgio Gaber]

2016-2017: Palma il Giovane and the great canvas of Estasi of Santa Teresa in the Church of San Pancrazio in Rome.
2014: The recovery of three paintings that survived the earthquake (Pescocostanzo – AQ)

2014: The recovery of three paintings that survived the earthquake (Pescocostanzo – AQ)

This project provided for the study and conservative restoration of…

2013: Art Dialogues I, Caravaggio meets Vasari

2013: Art Dialogues I, Caravaggio meets Vasari

The project focused on the conservative restoration and technical study…