The painting, today on the altar of the Chapel of the banker Pinelli from 1587, is the work of Domenico Cerrini (1609-1681), and it shows the Assumption of the Virgin. Made on textile support and painted in oil with bright colours, the work was now illegible due to the obfuscation of the surface due to the deposit of dust, the oxidation of the paints and the alteration of the touch-ups applied in previous restorations. To aggravate the situation there was a general relaxation of the paint, which over time could have compromised the cohesion and adhesion of the pictorial layers and in the central part, near the head of one of the putti, a small hole caused by an accidental blow.

The intervention in progress at the premises of the nearby Archive of the Congregation of the Filipinos is visible and open to the interested public.

Cost of the project: € 29.600

Supporting company: Italian Tobacco Federation