Verderame realizes projects related to the restoration, preservation and study of artistic artifacts also by means of diagnostic surveys, with particular attention to the furniture and mural paintings. For each individual project, the Association is able to set up a specific team composed ofhighly skilled professionals. State-of-the-art solutions are being developed in the various stages of restoration thanks to the research, the ongoing studies and updating of the professionals, with the aim of preserving restoration in time.


Particular attention is paid to the choice of products and methodologies that respect the work, mankind and environment. Such as the use of laser in cleaning, the application of steel frames with automatic expansion springs (modern version of the Rigamonti frame), the cold and vacuum application of mist lining, paintwork with colors for next generation restoration, the use of low molecular weight resin paints.


Verderame collaborates in research projects and technological innovation, thanks to cooperation with partner companies dealing with diagnostics.

For decades, the study of works of art has been relying on scientific methodologies that help to deepen the nature of materials and thus contribute to the knowledge of the works and techniques of execution, the characterization of the state of conservation and to identify restoring practices that respect the materials.