Save St James fresco in the heart of Rome

In the heart of Trastevere, a few meters beyond the Settimiana gate along via della Lungara – the via Sancta for pilgrims on their way to the tomb of St Peter – you’ll find the Church of St James alla Lungara. With over a thousand years of history behind it, the Church has been a crossroads of religious and social events that have characterized the life of the capital since its construction. It is very likely that the choice to dedicate the church to St James was made by virtue of the discovery of the tomb of the apostle in Galicia, paired with the onset of mass pilgrimage by Christians from all over Europe to the sanctuary of Campostela.

The fresco depicting St. James, which currently occupies a single nave on the main altar, was commissioned from the painter Giovanni Francesco Romanelli (1610-1662) known as Raffaellino. Today, the painting depicting St. James the Apostle displays the inexorable signs of time that obscure its natural and original beauty. The current state of preservation does not allow viewers to fully appreciate the quality of the image and the depth and shades of colors used by the author.

The realization of the restoration will be “open doors”. The intent is to allow you to follow the work through periodic updates scheduled on site, if the situation of the pandemic allows it, or in virtual live with links on a dedicated platform. In addition, during the recovery phases, online conferences will be organized, held by scholars of the period, dedicated to the identity of the artist, the history of the church and the area of Rome in which it stands.


TOTAL BUDGET: (cost in EUROS) 40.000,00



A preliminary diagnostic study on the fresco paired with a targeted restoration intervention are the main objectives of our project, which provides for the temporary “adoption” of the painting by Verderame Progetto Cultura and International Friends of Verderame (the American “sister” 501c3), providing for of all the recovery operations and conservation aimed at restoring the painting to its original splendor as the titular protagonist of the Church and monastery.

The materials used are specifically for restoration, designed for their high quality, stability and irreversibility over time.

The duration of the work is expected to be about eight months.

All the results of historical and technical research, diagnostic investigations and restoration will be collected in one volume, of great visual impact. The organization of a public presentation event is also planned for the end of the work to be agreed.

All the phases of the project will be followed by a social media manager to inform donors as well as the public.




  1. For donors, a priceless journey with a special gala dinner could be organized in Rome to see the restoration on site. Transport and accommodation not included.
  2. For donors, will be organized an event in the magnificent spaces that the church enjoys.
  3. An important publication, dedicated to all donors, with a high visual impact will collect the results of this project.

From 5.000,00 € and beyond, benefit 1 to 3

From 2.500,00 € to 4.000,00 € benefit 2 and 3

From 500,00 € to 1.500,00 € benefit 3



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