You and Verderame. Together.

Art is for everyone, this is the fundamental principle Verderame is passionate about because it strongly believes that the Italian heart and identity lie in our artistic and cultural heritage. For this reason, the protection and enhancement of the works of art concern each one of us, you as well, because they make us richer and give us hope and future. Verderame cannot rely on public funding but only on the support of private citizens, businesses and private institutions.

If you also believe that art is a fundamental value to cherish and protect, support Verderame. Your contribution, however small, will enable us to carry on with the projects we have in the pipeline and substantiate our mission.

There are many different ways to support Verderame’s work and contribute to the preservation of the Italian artistic heritage: you can either become a member of Verderame by paying an annual membership fee, or support the Association’s institutional activities with a free donation that will help ensure its existence, or directly sponsor one of the projects currently in progress.

In addition, if you love art in a special way, you can become one of our 100 Green Branches, a privileged place, dedicated to those who are passionate about art and culture. To discover the benefits and opportunities reserved to our sponsors or partners, send a mail to or call us at 06 68892499.

You can support Verderame progetto cultura directly online by filling in the form you find on the site and choosing the mode and the amount that you want to donate.

You can donate by bank draft, bank transfer and PayPal (with a Credit Card or using the balance of your PayPal account).

Your transaction will be completed using the most modern protocols for maximum security. You will be sent a receipt to the e-mail address used for registration.


Verderame progetto cultura annual subscription

By becoming a member of Verderame you demonstrate your belief that art and culture are of and for everyone. Verderame’s membership card is a testimony to your commitment in supporting the Italian artistic heritage and the importance of its preservation, and it offers many benefits and special opportunities. Your membership will enable us to carry out our and your projects.

By subscribing as a member (€50 fee), you will automatically receive a membership card (Verderame card) that entitles you to:

  • 10% Discount on all Santa Cecilia concert tickets
  • Access to Verderame laboratory for Open Days /Workshops

Just complete the form and submit it.

Give a gift membership to Verderame progetto cultura.

For an anniversary or a special event or just because you want to and it will please somebody you care about, give a gift membership to Verderame progetto cultura.

A special gift to share with her or him all the benefits and opportunities offered by the membership.


With a free donation you can contribute to Verderame progetto cultura initiatives.

A simple and immediate gesture that will make a difference and help us continue our work.

Just complete the form and submit it.

The 100 Green Branches.

The 100 Green Branches initiative brings together private citizens and businesses who wish to share with greater passion, together with Verderame progetto cultura, the commitment to restoring art’s central position in our daily lives.

Become one of our “100 Green Branches” and you’ll enjoy special benefits and exclusive services such as: encounters with leading cultural personalities, events, seminars, special and exclusive visits, gala evenings, etc. , and, if you wish, your name will appear in the dedicated section of our web site and in our next publications, engraved in one of the branches of our green tree.

Friend: minimum donation €250 Module

Supporter: minimum donation €1,000 Module

Sponsor: minimum donation €2,500 benefits Module

All Green Branches will be invited to a dedicated and exclusive annual event.

By making a donation over 250 € you will receive the appropriate membership card and will be entitled to the same benefits provided to members, plus:

  • In appreciation, your name will be listed on our web site
  • In appreciation, your name will be listed in our brochure
  • Free guided tour
  • Group visit, led by a specialist, to our restoration sites
  • Free copies of Verderame’s publications


For more information, send a mail to Verderame chairman Giulia Silvia Ghia – or call us at +39 0668892499