Verderame (Verdigris) is a refined green pigment used in painting to obtain exquisite effects of transparency, and it is also the name of the substance used on plants to protect their life.

Verderame (verdigris) progetto cultura is a cultural association that looks after the enhancement and preservation of national treasures. It was founded in 2012 by established professionals in the field of Cultural Heritage: Giulia Silvia Ghia, current Chairman, Maria Beatrice De Ruggieri, Marco Cardinali and Matteo Positano.

Verderame progetto cultura promotes culture as a common good by carrying out projects of enhancement, restoration and technical study, and through the organisation of events,  also in the social sphere. It holds training and dissemination activities, and undertakes activities linked to experimentation, research and technological innovation.

To conduct its activities, the association relies exclusively on funds donated by supporters, institutions, foundations, banks, and private citizens.