Visite guidateVerderame organises guided tours with the objective to help spread the knowledge of our cultural heritage. Targeting any type of audience, both Italian and foreign, these visits offer off-the-beaten-track destinations and select unique and sought-after walks and places that are little known or usually closed to the public. The intent is to enable the visitor to explore and enjoy the artistic and cultural history of the city, rather than dwelling only on the best-known monuments.


For its members, Verderame organises guided tours to its research projects and restoration sites that go beyond the scope of ordinary visits, inasmuch as they aim to spread knowledge of the historical and artistic aspects of cultural heritage combined with an understanding of the painting techniques and conservation requirements. Our objective is to bring the visitor closer to the material that the work of art is made of and also to reveal the creative process of the artist who created it. A visit organised by Verderame is a journey through the layers of painting as well as time.


Incontrarte at the Bibliobar is an initiative organised by Verderame progetto cultura and carried out by the Association of Friends of Vaccari. It involves the organisation of art meetings in the Bibliobar located in the Leonarda Vaccari Institute of Rome, which is managed by some of the children with disabilities that frequent the Institute. These meetings, held by experts in the field and licensed tour guides, are followed by exclusive visits to places that are difficult to access and usually closed to the general public or to important exhibitions in Rome.

The high cultural profile of the initiative, guaranteed by the themes of choice and the professional skills involved, aims to focus on the principles and values of assistance and integration promoted by the Institute. The proceeds of this non-profit initiative will be donated to the same Institute that hosts it.

Preview Incontrarte 2015-2016


In collaboration with Rome Accueil, Rachel George and Emmebi, Verderame set up a visits programme that focuses on the study of one or more works of art dedicated to the same subject, through the special lens of the painting techniques and materials used to make them. In fact, the documentation produced by scientific studies (x-rays, infrared and ultraviolet images, chemical analyses, etc.) enables us to work our way back in time, through the knowledge of the materials and techniques used by the artists, to the very moments of artistic creation. Visitors will also learn various aspects related to the history of the works of art, and their cultural, as well as iconographic and stylistic, background.

Mainly, the programme consists of on-site meetings, right in front of the work of art, led by specialists with the aid of teaching materials and information technology. In some cases, we will meet at Verderame Progetto Cultura (Via San Francesco di Sales 80) and  then continue our visit in front of the work of art.

Rome Accueil Programme