Vasari-infrarosso in flasi colori-dettaglioMarch 2013, 27th – Santa Marta – Piazza del Collegio Romano 5,  6.15 p.m.

History is told by restoratives and specialists who work on the project Caravaggio incontra Vasari.

Dialoghi dell’Arte wants to offer different points of view to consider the topics on the restoration and technical researchers, moving on different cultural contents showed by paitings.

The dialogue between two paintings near for the subject, between two copies of the same author, between the same subject with two different kinds for working on it, shows many perspectives and many voices, driving the painting to a very large cultural contest.
The first conference, driving by Verderame team, gives a look on the artistic techniques and on the conservation starting from two paintings on restoration:  Deposizione by Vasari and Maddalena by Caravaggio.

Marco Cardinali, Maria Beatrice De Ruggieri, Giulia Silvia Ghia, Paolo Roma will talk during the conference.

The entrance is free and possible until places are sold out

Download the PDF conference calendar

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